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Plymouth Composite Squadron

Serving southeastern Massachusetts

Carrier Landings

Pictures of our recent ELT search at Plymouth Harbor

Very small rocket launches

2Lt. Steve Donaghey lands his plane on the carrier deck. The plane slides down a string from the ceiling, its speed controlled by the back pressure on the stick, very similar to a real plane.


Cadet Tom Edmunds has a go-around in his attempt at landing. The object is to "fly" down the string and "flare" to make a soft landing on the carrier deck.


c/SSgt Adam Woodworth makes a soft, but slightly sideways landing. c/Sgt Nate Cristofori notes his "third-wire" landing position. While waiting his turn, Cadet Edmunds watches Adam's technique.


Cadet Airman Nathan Buckley comes very close to going off the end in his landing attempt as Cadet Yaeger watches.


Cadet Airman Chris Bertrand lands "on the numbers." Cadets (from right) Woodworth, Buckley, Edmunds and Yaeger cheer him on.

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