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Plymouth Composite Squadron

Serving southeastern Massachusetts

Emergency Services bivouac, 11/16-18 at Plymouth Airport

The sun rises Sunday morning over part of the camping ground, revealing frost on the grond and tents. The temerature early that day dipped into the low 20s.

Cadets assemble for training in the morning after breakfeast. Several traing sessions were held during ther day, on such topics as knots, cold and hot weather injuries, line searching, use of signal mirrors, communication, and several others.

At the end of the trainees were tested for proficiency in the skills they learned. Here Pilgrim cadet Bertrand is tested in his use of a signal mirror. Several other cadets watch while aothers practice for their tests.

Cadets practice their line search techniques by sweeping the cam area looking for litter. C.A.P. tries to leave an area in better shape when they leave than they found it on arrival.

Frost covers a backpack left outside overnight.

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