Ground team member required uniforms and equipment

This list originally was prepared for a training school and may not exactly match the "Green Book" list.

¨ Current CAP membership card (should be carried at all times).
¨ All other actual qualification cards, i.e. CAPF 101 or 101T, CPR, 1st aid, etc. (should be carried on person at all times)

¨ Complete BDU uniform with BDU cap in accordance with CAPM 39-1.
¨ Notepad and pencil
¨ All CAP ID and certifications
¨ Watch
¨ Tissues
¨ Vest, reflective orange
¨ Comb or brush (if needed)
¨ Signal mirror
¨ Whistle
¨ Pocket or utility-type knife, multipurpose with can opener. Swiss Army knives, Leatherman, or Gerber Tools are recommended.

Day pack (preferably red or orange), webbed gear, or other SAR/Survival Vest containing:
¨ First aid kit in waterproof bag/container consisting of the following items: 2 antiseptic cleansing pads, antiseptic ointment, 6 band-aids of various sizes, moleskin, roller bandage, 2 large safety pins, 4 gauze pads, 1 triangular bandage, first aid tape, two pairs rubber surgical gloves.
¨ Survival kit in waterproof bag/container consisting of the following items: 5 - 10 feet of duct tape, large leaf bag, 12 wooden, waterproofed matches in a waterproof match container with a striking surface, 1 green glo-stick, 50' paracord or similar line.
¨ SAR equipment stored in waterproof bag/container consisting of the following items: change of socks (NO COTTON!!), 1 roll flagging tape, flashlight with red or blue lens with spare bulb and batteries, spare flashlight, insect repellant, lip balm with sunscreen, sunscreen lotion, tissue paper, leather work gloves, blank CAPF 106, 4 moist towlettes, change for phone calls/calling card/or cell phone, 2 meals, shelter material (can use an extra poncho), coat appropriate for climate, poncho, 2 canteens or a camelback type device, compass pouch, liquid filled lensatic orienteering compass with a glow in the dark dial, eye protection (highly recommended).

¨ Comfortable backpack that you would be able to be carry for at least 6 miles with a full existence load.
¨ Sleeping bag rated for 0 degrees or colder.
¨ Waterproof/windproof tent
¨ Five meals (MRE type, long lasting)
¨ 2 large leaf bags
¨ Waterproof bag containing spare uniform, three pairs of socks and underwear
¨ Sleeping pad, foam or inflatable
¨ Spare boot laces
¨ Sewing kit with spare buttons
¨ Shoe shine kit
¨ Toiletry kit containing: toothbrush and tooth paste, shaving kit as needed, deodorant, washcloth and soap, towel

End of list