General Emergency Services rating

Everyone needs to:
1) Agree to the OPSEC
2) Get the GES rating and 101 card, and
3) Take at least the FEMA IS-100 course.
Here's how you do those.

Go to the exams page on the National web site:
If this link doesn't take you there, click on Members / eServices / CAP Online Exams.
(You may need to log on at the eServices screen and click on the above links.)

OPSEC: click on Operations Security Awareness Training.
Be sure to agree to the terms at the end.
Print 3 copies of the certificate.

101 card:
Click on 116 PT1. Take the Part 1 test.
Print 3 copies of the certificate.

Go back and click on FEMA courses. Scroll down to Introduction to Incident Command System IS-100.a.
Take the test.
Print 3 copies of the certificate.

Give one copy of all the certificates to Lt. Weinstock, one to Personnel and keep one.

Other FEMA courses are available at that screen also.