Pilgrim joins the Middleborough Christmas parade

video (not very good, shows them marching; about 1Mb)

Another video (Also not very good; about 1Mb)

Cadets begin to line up in preparation for Middleborough Christmas parade held Saturday, Nov. 24.

Almost ready to go, the cadet line looks good.

Front: Sullivan, Bertrand, Marble, Monks; Rear: Niles, Lallier, Goble, Kujanpaa.

Chris Bertrand Dan Kujanpaa

Our colors pass in review. Our cadetsd did well keeping in step and looking good.

A few of the other groups in the parade

Float honoring the N.Y. search effort.

Cub Scout float promoting Peace. Earth model rotates. Dove (white blotch at left) flaps its wings.

One of the local dance schools starts their march. Our cadets are in the background awaiting the signal to join the parade.

One of the several old cars in the parade. This one was driven by the Grinch, but he is obscured in this picture.

About a dozen mounted riders near the end of the parade.

Another of the old vehicles. The contraption on the back plays music and blows bubbles.