* Civil Air Patrol

Pilgrim Composite Squadron

Plymouth, Massachusetts

C.A.P. responds to the recent attacks

Mass. Wing and New England

Civil Air Patrol pilots flew blood, syringes and other medical supplies to JFK Airport where the NY/NJ Port Authority transferred these supplies to New York City hospitals. In the Trade Center collapse, the NYC Fire Department lost many thermal-imaging cameras used in search and rescue. Mass. Wing transported replacement sensors used in these cameras from manufacturers in Lexington, Mass. to Pittsburgh & Louisville, where these devices were inserted into replacement cameras. Mass., R.I. and Conn. Wings sent 11 aircraft with crews to Hanscom AFB, where they conducted 23 flights, totaling nearly 35 hours on day one and untold hours the next two days. Mass. Wing provided Communications Support & Liaison to the MEMA underground Command Center and to FEMA Region 1 HQ Facility. At a briefing at his bunker, the Director of MEMA was heard to say “Thank God for CAP”.

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