Our generous sponsors

Without the generousity of several supporters we would have to cut back or eliminate many of our activities. We sincerely thank all those persons and firms that have donated funds and/or equipment to further our missions for America. We've listed some of those supporters below in alphbetical order. Please forgive us and inform us of anyperson or business we have accidentally left out.

Chris Atti, CME Hobbies
"CME Hobbies was established to provide local electric and gas helicopter enthusiasts a place to obtain parts and assistance in this fast growing Hobby. We also fly and build helicopters and have lots of fun doing it. CME Hobbies is dedicated to provide the Helicopter enthusiast with a fast, reliable service at reasonable prices."

  • A Vapor radio control airplave, great for practicing flying inside. One of the CAP missions is Aerospace Education. This plane helps teach aerodynamics of flight, promotes cooperation among cadets and introduces an element of fun into the program.

    George Keeler, TechEtch
    "Tech-Etch performs a wide variety of services, and this single-source capability enables us to assume total responsibility for the quality and delivery of our precision products: thin metal flat and formed parts, EMI/RFI shielding, and flexible printed circuits. In-plant services include photoetching, stamping from coil stock and forming from etched blanks, tool and die making, production heat treating, flexible circuit design and production, welding and soldering, metal finishing, plating, and laser cutting. Secondary operations such as soldering joints to seal seams, spot welding, and the application of pressure sensitive tapes and insulation materials are also available."
  • Very generous three-year sponsor of our teams' entries into the Team America Rocketry Challenge, a National contest where entrants must launch a rocket carrying a raw egg to a specific height, returning it unbroken in a designated amount of time. Other specifics make this contest a real design and engineering challenge.

    Dr. William Lane Lane Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
    "It is our goal to provide a level of comprehensive service to our patients and their referring doctors which makes our practice the ONLY place to go for their oral surgery needs. We will continually provide the highest level of care in an environment that is comfortable and supportive of our patients and rewarding for all who work here."
  • Helped sponsor cadets on our week-long trip to Washington, D.C. We saw a bill enacted in the House or Representatives, toured the Air & Space Museums on the Mall and at Dulles, witnessed the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and vitited many monuments and memorials.
  • Sponsored rocketry programs for the summer camps at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Plymouth and Brockton. We taught the kids a little rocketry physics, then helped them build and launch their rockets.

    Mutual Bank
    "Mutual Bank proudly continues the longstanding tradition of service and commitment to sound banking practices established by its predecessor institutions more than a century ago. The bank offers a wide variety of deposit and loan products, and convenience services, to local families and businesses throughout southeastern Massachusetts. Mutual Bank's dedicated management and staff and growing base of satisfied customers, form a strong foundation for continued growth and even greater success."
  • Mutual Bank is paying for the shipping to our troops of boxes of snacks, toiletries, and diversions. Members of Pilgrim Squadron have pledged to fill and mail two boxes per month.

    "Plane" Jane's Place
    "We offer the pilots, locals, and tourists an opportunity to try our all day breakfast and lunch menu while enjoying a prime view of the arriving and departing planes up close at the Plymouth Airport. We provide a large menu with daily specials and a variety of foods. Throughout the years, our children have grown and joined us in our efforts to provide a family oriented eating establishment and continues to remain a family run business that highly values its customers. . . . We owe our success to our loyal customers and our dedicated employees who always strive to provide the best customer service possible. Plane Jane's has been awarded "Best Pizza, Best Salad, and Best Takeout'' as well as "Best Breakfast. . . . We believe that it is the responsibility of small businesses to contribute to our community. Plane Jane's sponsors local softball, soccer and basketball teams. We also contribute to our local school system and various civil activities in our community because we take as much pride in our community as we do with our restaurant."
  • Plane Jane's has been very good to Pilgrim over the years with donations, price breaks and other courtesies. And the food is very good!

    Plymouth Aero Club
    "The Plymouth Aero Club is a group of pilots and person interested in aviation promoting aviation safety & education. We have monthly meetings in the Airport conference room, with guest speakers who give presentations on a range of topics - aviation safety, history, technology, etc. We raise money for local charitable organizations & youth sports as well as for two scholarships for students in pursuit of a post-secondary education in an aviation related field."
  • On several occasions the Aero Club has donated funds to the general fund of Pilgrim Squadron to help with the CAP missions.

    Powder Horn Press
    "Powder Horn Press prides itself on its good relationship with its clients, and this relationship is why its clients have remained loyal year after year. Any printer can take what is given and produce a product. At Powder Horn we take this one step further, striving to make work look the best it can. If we question the accuracy of a certain job aspect, the presses stop and the client is contacted. Time and time again, clients appreciate our concerns and in many cases costly errors have been avoided."
  • Powder Horn Press gave Pilgrim a tremendous break on printing costs for a recent project in which they were involved.

    Bob Yen Jr., MDI -- Musicians Development Institute
    "MDI is a world class album production facility, music education and artist development center located in Plymouth, Mass. At the forefront of change in a rapidly - and radically- changing industry, MDI's mission is to empower musicians and artists by giving them all the ingredients to compete, and survive in, the dog-eat-dog world of the Music Industry."
  • Upon hearing that our cadets were interested in helicopters, Mr. Yen donated two small radio-control helicopters to help teach our cadets about the areodynamics of these strange flying machines.

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