Sources for uniforms

Uniform items given to you by CAP remain the property of CAP and should be returned when outgrown or when leaving CAP.

Currently CAP is giving a free "Blues" uniform to new cadets when they join. It arrives approximately 1-2 months after the application is submitted. This uniform remains the property of CAP, as mentioned above.
If something doesn't fit, you have two alternatives:
1) Call Lackland Military Clothing Sales Store at: 210-674-0190. Have your CAPID, name, address, phone number handy.
2) If we have a uniform piece of the correct size, you can exchange it.

Where to buy uniforms and equipment:
1) We have a few things, but not all styles and sizes. But if something fits, you can have it (See NOTE above).

2) Bananas on Rte. 6 in Wareham and Rte. 3A on the Plymouth/Kingston line. Same cautions as number 3 above. You take your chances on what they have. Reasonable prices. You can try stuff on. Bourne: 508-291-0005

3) Vanguard, the "official" place to buy CAP stuff. Be prepared to pay top dollar and shipping. 1-800-221-1264.

4) Army-Navy stores. But be careful you get the correct stuff. Some things look the same, but aren't quite right.

5) EBay and U.S. Cavalry Same cautions as number 3 above. Stuff may not be the quality you are expecting, but prices can be very good.

6) The Supply Sergeant Probably my last choice because shipping and handling are expensive. See #3 above.